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Supreme Court on VOE

The Supreme Court struck down a portion of Arizona’s Voter Owned Election law on Monday. North Carolina is one of four other states that have a provision similar to what the nation’s highest court deemed unconstitutional. But town attorney Ralph Karpinos said the ruling won’t affect Chapel Hill’s VOE program. The ruling did not invalidate […]

Reverse charges

Words I never thought I’d hear a lawyer utter: “Vagueness is your friend.” That sentiment came from Sally Greene during Monday night’s final council meeting of the fiscal year during the discussion on whether to charge Orange County residents who live outside of Chapel Hill for a library card. At the May 25 meeting, the […]

Season finale

The Town Council season finale airs tonight, beginning at 7. Among the topics up for discussion is whether and how much to charge for library cards. Last month, council preliminarily rejected Orange County’s contribution to the library and, instead, left open the option of charging out-of-town users for library cards. At present, about 1,400 out-of-county […]

Cost of living

A light bulb went on when I read Ed Harrison’s comment implying that Carol Ann Zinn was wrong in her assessment that $400,000 was moderate-priced housing in Chapel Hill. Sally Greene had asked Zinn at Monday night’s public hearing what her moderately priced condos would cost. Zinn did not put a dollar figure to it […]

Council dumbs down smart growth

One in the morning, and Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt appeared stunned by a one-vote majority of his Town Council colleagues that sounded the death knell to Aydan Court. All nine members of council showed up last night for what turned out to be six hours’ worth of information covering two development matters, the proposed moratorium on […]

Aydan Court: Who holds the cards?

Tonight’s Town Council meeting will be the closest event Chapel Hill has to the World Series of Poker. The Aydan Court special use permit application returns for another round; expect players to see, raise, call and maybe even bluff. Zinn Design Build owns a 6-acre parcel off N.C. 54 in Durham County, just behind UNC’s […]

Last call at 523

If you want to have your wedding at the former Chapel Hill Museum building, you’ve got until June 30. Come July 1, the town will close the above-ground portion of 523 E. Franklin St. An engineering report convinced town manager Roger Stancil to close the street-level section of the building rather than find money for […]

Card charge

The library figured prominently in the budget discussion at Monday night’s Town Council meeting. You may recall that Sally Greene was away on a family emergency the night council rejected the county’s contribution and approved charging for cards. She clearly disagreed with the council’s move, and she voted for the budget Monday night only on […]

Moving money

Town manager Roger Stancil has the $62,000 tipping fees expenditure covered. It’s just a matter of moving some numbers around, he said. Turns out the town had planned to pay the county $90,000 this year as part of its share for purchasing greenway land. The town will pay the unexpected tipping fee expenditure from the […]

Scrap and save

Most of the time, municipal processes work just fine. But once in a while, something comes up that gives “government workers” a bad name. The street resurfacing recommendation that is part of tonight’s consent agenda is one of them. Because of the increase in tipping fees at the landfill that the county did not determine […]