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Council rejuvenated

Council members showed their better selves at last Monday’s meeting. They asked questions that indicated they had read and understood the reams of material in their binders. They stood firm on what they thought was best for the town. They called out 123 West developer Cousins Properties about discrepancies in the number of parking spaces […]

Dividing a small pot

Frank McCourt’s memoir “Angela’s Ashes” shares the experiences of a family that coexists with poverty, not letting it impede them as they live their lives. In one scene, a father is ready to go from Ireland to England to find work to support the family. (Forgive me if I’ve gotten some of the details wrong; […]

Affordable housing

Northside and Pine Knolls face a losing battle to remain affordable (and black, for that matter) unless we, as a town, address the demand for student housing near campus. Tonight Town Council will receive the Planning Department’s update on the town’s affordable housing strategy, a plan the council adopted in June of last year. One […]

Good news, bad news

Last night’s Town Council meeting (which didn’t end until early this morning) yielded good news and bad news. The good news: Council passed all three resolutions and all three ordinances to tighten development restrictions in the Northside community. The bad news: The town has no money to enforce them. The Neighborhood Conservation District status put […]

2011 highlights

A sign in the window of the tax office at Town Hall, where about a dozen of us were waiting to pay our taxes yesterday around lunchtime, lists various products the town sells to market itself: flags, tote bags, books and ball caps. As I totaled up my various tax bills – vehicle, business, real […]

A rainy night in Northside

Chapel Hill voters, you did me proud. On a rainy night in a transitional neighborhood with the Yankees on TV clinching the American League East title, you turned out in droves to meet the candidates for Town Council and mayor. You filled Hargraves Center parking lot and every marginally legal parking space along North Roberson […]

Northside moratorium

In 2004, the Northside neighborhood won Neighborhood Conservation District status. But developers soon learned how to work around the rules. By calling a bedroom a “den” or a “game room,” they could fool the town Inspections Department into allowing a six- to eight-bedroom house to be built in a neighborhood where town ordinance limits house […]

Preserve Northside

At the Town Council meeting on March 28, several Northside residents petitioned council for a moratorium on building permits. Although Northside was granted Neighborhood Conservation District status in 2005 to preserve the character of the historically black working-class neighborhood, developers have found ways to skirt the rules and continue building student rental housing under the […]