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“Towing” the line

Maybe because I’m a rule follower I don’t get the appeal of appealing the permanent injunction issued Aug. 2 against Chapel Hill’s towing and cell phone ordinances. But last Wednesday, in a special Town Council meeting called before the Sept. 4 deadline to appeal, six of nine council members voted to file an appeal for […]


Town Council meets Wednesday night in closed session to discuss what, if any, further action to take after the court issued a permanent injunction against the town’s towing and cell phone ordinances. As an olive branch after he won his lawsuit, the owner of George’s Towing put up new signs in the lots he monitors […]

Signs of ill will

You know those times when everything seems poised for success, then some hours later, relationships have frayed, the evening is in shambles, and everyone goes to bed angry? Town council had one of those nights last night. When the meeting opened, everyone seemed in fine fettle. In talking about the proposed downtown business incubator, council […]