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Real estate sales 8/11/14-8/15/14

Sean Michael and Heather Dawn Delaney bought 100 Brighton Court from Joseph Rickard and Gloria Beissinger for $490,000. Mao Mao bought 111 Vintage Drive from Robert L. and Virginia W. Gilliam for $296,500. Zili Zhang and Yong Peng bought 103 Dairy Court from Guy and Rhonda Dear for $400,000. Taylor T. Ra and Yu Yu […]

Real estate sales 8/4/14-8/8/14

Yugen Zhang and Qingling Chen bought 106B Duncan Court from Yng Hae Chung and Hoon Lee for $174,000. Scott D. and Ruth Ewing Berkowitz bought 616 Woodgate Drive from Donald M. and Reina S. Weiner for $178,000. David and Alexandra Sheaves bought 8708 Snipes Farm Road from Joseph E. Phillips for $210,000. Ryan Kilpatrick and […]

Real estate sales 7/28/14-08/01/14

Edward B. and Loren G. Pease bought 606 Aberdeen Drive from Kenji C. and Amanda B. Brantley for $692,500. Matthew Miele and Nina Bellucci Butler bought 101 Garden Gate Drive from Christopher and Holly Rio for $503,000. Danai B. Adkisson and Kelsie A. Edwards bought 124 Friar Lane, Carrboro, from Ronnie L. and Maria Clara […]

Real estate sales, 7/14/14-7/25/14

Elke Bachmann bought 106 Baywood Place from Jennifer Elizabeth Spratt for $210,000. Kevin and Jennifer Krueger bought 18 Balsam Court from Thomas H. and Carol H. Kawula for $400,000. Susan A. McGovern bought 112 Wolf’s Trail from Bertram Joseph and Melina M. Furey for $520,000. William Gustavo and Natalie Gott Vizuete bought 202 Oak Glen […]

Weekly’s end

On June 30, The Weekly announced that its June 26 issue had been its last. The news came totally by surprise — Shannon Publishing shows no sign of struggling financially, and readership was high. Still, the break-up had that sort of it’s-not-you-it’s-me feel to it, and I’m mourning the loss. There were times when writing […]