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Torches waiting to be lit

Lauren Easthom isn’t the only one who has to gaze upon dead trees under Duke Energy power lines. Every time I walk along Piney Mountain Road, I stroll by a copse of trees that Duke has topped, treated and left to die, all in the name of “managing non-compatible vegetation.” (The photos at right are […]

Consistently inconsistent

This Town Council sure is hard to figure out. Council members seemed poised to endorse a bicycle path/pedestrian walkway along Old Chapel Hill/Durham Road last night. Town transportation planner David Bonk said the time was right to start the project. The Blue Cross Blue Shield representative expressed concerns, since the project would shave three-quarters of […]

Tree rights

Having spent my formative years in the Midwest, I appreciate undulating fields of vegetation, broken only occasionally by a mitered stand of trees planted to protect a farmhouse. So the notion that the only way to have an eco-friendly community is to make sure 40 percent of it is covered by trees at least 20 […]