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Managua, N.C.?

Recently a homeowner requested, through his lawyer and architect, permission from the Historic District Commission to build a combination iron and chain-link fence around his large acreage, ostensibly to keep the deer out of his garden. The commissioners, familiar with the challenge of planting anything that deer would not eat, were sympathetic while trying to […]

2011 highlights

A sign in the window of the tax office at Town Hall, where about a dozen of us were waiting to pay our taxes yesterday around lunchtime, lists various products the town sells to market itself: flags, tote bags, books and ball caps. As I totaled up my various tax bills – vehicle, business, real […]

Rational decisions, or not

After almost a year of tracking the Chapel Hill Town Council and how it works, I’ve concluded that the folks on the board are not especially smart. Many times during the year the board members had to decide on an issue, and rather than base that decision on the facts, members chose to vote by […]

A tick’s best friend

This town council is a tick’s best friend. That became apparent Monday night during a public hearing on whether the town should approve an urban deer hunt. Despite information from the manager of Duke Forest about the explosion of the deer population there and efforts to control it, the disastrous environmental effects of an out-of-control […]


First on the agenda at tonight’s public forum is the topic of urban archery. We don’t know which way the council is leaning, with the exception of Sally “No-way-no-how” Greene, but in the interim, we have some ideas to try that may work to keep deer out of your garden.  Deer repellant spray: A […]

A better class of deer

I hadn’t noticed the deer chowing down on what’s left of my yard in some weeks, and I wondered whether some calamity had befallen the herd. Of course, they’ve pretty much stripped my yard clean. All that’s left are a few nubs of plants, so there’s not much to beckon them to revisit. Still, even […]