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Requiem to a Newspaper

“I have some good news to share,” began a letter to Chapel Hill News readers from publisher Sara Glines. But it wasn’t good news. What followed was a 6-inch column of malarkey. The Chapel Hill News ceased publication at the end of December. It had stopped publishing news a year before that, when McClatchy, owner […]

Free access or free money?

I’ve never been one to turn down free money, so when Chapel Hill Public Library director Susan Brown proposed changing the library’s Internet policy to block access to certain sites in exchange for becoming eligible for spending federal grants on technology, the tradeoff seemed reasonable. But she took ill the day she was to present […]

Who reads this?

Blame it on the way I was raised – clamming up when accused of a wrong didn’t absolve me of the punishment. My parents’ strategy to raise responsible, contributing members of society didn’t include Miranda’s right to remain silent. They heard out my side, if I was willing to talk, then judged, ruled and implemented. […]

Buy local

Last Wednesday, you had the chance to buy local, and it had nothing to do with the Carrboro Farmers’ Market. On July 24, a local company that has invested in Chapel Hill sold 2.5 million shares of its stock in its initial public offering. Heat Biologics, a biotech company working on cancer immunotherapy, moved from […]

Fiscally happy New Year

Town manager Roger Stancil must have eaten his New Year’s Day Hoppin’ John on behalf of the town this year. When Town Council resumes meetings tonight, council members will vote on whether to accept money from several sources. The consent agenda asks council to accept $5,000 from OWASA toward Code Red, a service that notifies […]

No news

A few years ago, a fire in an apartment complex killed five kittens. The Chapel Hill News story listed the names of all five cats. Last week, a fire in an apartment off Weaver Dairy Road killed a 7-year-old girl. The Chapel Hill News didn’t bother to print her name. We had to go to […]

Local media panel on WCHL

Tune into WCHL-1360 today at 1 p.m. to hear a panel discussion on “Local Media Ecosystems: Objectivity, Bias, Access.” The seven panelists weighing in on the topic are: Chad Johnston, executive director of The People’s Channel; Catherine Lazorko, public information officer for the Town of Chapel Hill; Fiona Morgan, Media Policy Initiative and New America […]

Dustbin of history?

History can be such a nuisance. That’s what the staff at The Chapel Hill News decided. The paper used to keep huge bound volumes (a little bit larger than the size of a newspaper laid out flat) that contained all the newspapers from that publication’s rich history. The actual papers themselves – newsprint and all, […]

A newspaper on automatic

Some things you can rely upon – death and taxes. And The Chapel Hill News in your driveway, whether you want it or not. That’s why Judith Siegel spoke to the Town Council at Monday night’s business meeting. Siegel, who has lived in Chapel Hill for 32 years, stood before the council and implored its […]

Disclosure and N&O

After I read the story in Saturday’s News & Observer about Blue Cross Blue Shield looking at off-shoring some of its work and jobs, I couldn’t help but get in touch with my inner cynic. It seems the folks in Raleigh believe that BCBS outsourcing work overseas is wrong. The story quoted Dana Cope, executive […]