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Second chances

“Saving lives” likely did not appear in the job description when Beatrice Thompson signed on to work at the Red Roof Inn just off the I-40/U.S.-15-501 interchange. Yet for the man she found unresponsive in a hotel room last month, her prior knowledge of CPR made the difference between life and death. She performed chest […]

Talk, listen, change

Former UNC Police Officer Keith Edwards, the first black woman on the force, objected to a less-experienced white male officer getting a promotion and raise ahead of her. One day when she walked into the campus police office, she overheard two white male officers complaining about the ensuing court case. “I wish Keith had never […]

Powering through

Have we learned nothing? Last week a female student at UNC held a news conference to claim that a classmate, a member of the football team, raped her. She was pursuing misdemeanor charges against him because the campus police had refused to file charges, and the district attorney’s office declined as well (though after the […]

Best practices, best officers

In North Carolina, a barber needs 1,000 hours of training to get licensed. A law enforcement officer receives 616 hours. As society and circumstances change — think the closing of mental health facilities at the turn of this century that left law enforcement officers to intervene when a mentally ill person posed harm to the […]

Another side of Chapel Hill

I suppose on some level I realized that when I read the staid reports of drug arrests printed in the newspaper’s police blotter not all of those suspects submitted to custody willingly. But this is Chapel Hill. Those drug busts you see on TV — armed officers surrounding a car or battering down a door […]

Sue me

Let’s say your boss is doing something that impedes your ability to do your job well. How receptive do you think he or she would be to learning about it from you? Let’s say your boss is town manager Roger Stancil, and if he didn’t like your critique, or if you were a union member […]

Putting the priority in budgeting

My husband has wanted a new couch for years. And I agree we could use one. But something always elbows ahead of it on our priority list. An immediate emergency – the washing machine breaks and the estimate for the repair equals the cost of a new one. A capital improvement – our very expensive […]

Late night with Town Council

Town Council and town staff worked a double shift yesterday, given that all have full-time jobs and council convened at 5 p.m. to begin hashing out what to do about community response to the Yates Building incident. The Community Policing Advisory Board had requested approval to hire an independent investigator along the lines of CIA, […]

Real community policing

Terri Buckner has long been interested in the livability of our community. Here’s her take on the role of policing in Chapel Hill: In March of 2011, the Chapel Hill Town Council, in response to a community-generated petition, created the Community Policing Advisory Committee as one of its standing advisory boards. The citizen petitions which […]

Apologies due

At Monday night’s council meeting, Donna Bell said she was sorry that Katelyn Ferral was detained while covering a story at the Yates building but acknowledged that when you run with the big dogs, sometimes you get sprayed with drool. Those weren’t Bell’s exact words, but that was the gist of her response to Laurin […]