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Save Del Snow

If you had told me six months ago that someday I would lead the cheering section for Planning Board chair Del Snow, I would have called you crazy. And now look. After Town Council’s Feb. 27 vote approving Bicycle Apartments, Snow wrote a letter to council questioning why council members didn’t postpone the vote until […]

Monday medley

Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt set a packed agenda for tonight’s meeting. Not that he has grown accustomed to meetings that last until midnight or beyond. But there are decisions to be made and work to be done. The taxi ordinance is the only item on the agenda that invites public comment. The proposed changes seem pragmatic […]

Charterwood threepeat

The Charterwood project has all the buildup and letdown of a Barry White song. If you’re old enough, you remember the cadence – first the muttered low growl, then the music swells, and you’re sure he’s going to burst into song. But then, the music fades, and the growling and mumbling resume. Last night, Charterwood […]

Room for all

I looked at the agenda for tonight’s Town Council meeting and got that same sort of funny feeling in my heart I got when I saw my first gray hair or when I realized my child had grown too big for me to pick up and carry. Time was moving on, and life would never […]

Second chance for Charterwood

We can all agree: $4.3 million is a serious amount of money to invest and a foolish amount to gamble. Yet when developers go before Town Council with a development project, the money they spend to plan, present, readjust and repeat frequently comes down to the mood council members are in. The Charterwood developers, after […]

Tavern Talks

“Chapel Hill is a small town that lives large,” someone wrote as part of the 2020 visioning process early on. And at one of the Tavern Talks last night, a large poster-board chart propped on an easel had all sorts of ideas for how the town could live larger still. There was no column for […]

Roger’s job gets tougher

At Monday night’s Town Council meeting, Town Manager Roger Stancil gave his periodic update on the state of the town budget. His PowerPoint presentation showed that the town is way behind in development fees this year from what it expects – some $200,000-plus. So what did the council do? Kill the Charterwood mixed-use project off […]

Train wreck

A penny placed on the track can derail a train, and three pennies laid on the track of progress derailed Charterwood last night. Donna Bell was absent last night, so Gene Pease moved that her absence be excused so that her empty chair did not count as a “yes” for every vote council took that […]