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Late night with Town Council

Town Council and town staff worked a double shift yesterday, given that all have full-time jobs and council convened at 5 p.m. to begin hashing out what to do about community response to the Yates Building incident. The Community Policing Advisory Board had requested approval to hire an independent investigator along the lines of CIA, […]


Council members showed some spine and some dignity during the contentious start of what could have been a very long meeting last night. The crowd in the audience spilled out into the hall and a conference room and even outside, the vast majority interested in a petition submitted by Jim Neal, calling for an independent, […]

Anarchy in the USA

You never hear of anarchists issuing toxic mortgage loans. Anarchists don’t seem prone to raiding investors’ funds and ruining a business while taking multimillion dollar bonuses. And you won’t find too many anarchists refusing health care to sick people as some insurance companies sure do. And yet that word “anarchist” seems like the worst name […]

How far is too far?

The Yates building arrests raise several issues that Don and I view differently. Should Joe Riddle, who owns the Yates building and pays property taxes on it every year, be forced to find a tenant for it? Should police have given the trespassers more notice before coming in to arrest them? Should reporters break the […]

Occupy Chapel Hill

Occupy Wall Street has come to Chapel Hill. On Sunday, a diverse crowd of about 100 people sat in the sun in front of the Post Office on East Franklin Street, making plans for how best to support the Occupy Wall Street movement. Operating under the same restrictions as the New York gathering, Occupy Chapel […]