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On the road

As many of us sweat a dive off the impending fiscal cliff and recession that likely will follow, the Town of Chapel Hill has stirred a little economic stimulus in the Public Works Department. Tucked unobtrusively in the consent agenda for tonight’s Town Council meeting is a resolution to haul our trash to a Durham […]

Accidental free speech

Jim Ward admonished Chapel Hill: No talking on the bus. The issues to be decided by the six council members who made it to Monday night’s Town Council meeting were whether a Chapel Hill Transit bus is a public forum, and if not, what sorts of ads, if any, could be displayed. In June 2011, […]

Policy goes; bus ads stay

At 11:20 last night, Town Council voted to suspend Chapel Hill’s bus ad policy. In a memo slipped to council members during the evening, town manager Roger Stancil explained that the bus ad policy the town approved in June 2011 prohibited any transit advertising of a religious or political nature. Thus, once transit work crews […]

ACLU v. Chapel Hill

The next lawsuit shaping up could pit Chapel Hill against the ACLU. On Friday, town attorney Ralph Karpinos received a letter from the legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina warning that constitutionally the town can’t bar the ad placed on town buses by Church of Reconciliation that advocates for the […]

Talk and ride

If Church of Reconciliation didn’t know it before, it knows it now: The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Last month, the Presbyterian church that formed in support of the civil rights movement and since has taken controversial stands on a number of issues in the name of peace and unity put up […]