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Beside the tracks

Here’s what “Many” has to say: Many years ago, when we lived in Boston, I remember what happened when the red line was put in through Cambridge/Somerville. At the time the corridor was filled with moderately priced rentals and housing for people that commuted into Boston by car or bus. The red line morphed those […]

Transit takes a curve

Bonnie Hauser, speaking for “Smart Transit for Orange County” ( provides a transit update. Just as the county is getting ready to start collecting its new half-cent transit tax, new questions are swirling about the plan and state and federal funding. It was predictable, and the politics are especially entertaining. First state lawmakers signaled their […]

Yesterday’s transit tomorrow

Smart Transit for Orange County writes: Smart Transit for Orange County is asking voters to vote “NO” (AGAINST) the transit tax so that a better plan can be developed. The diverse group of pro-transit leaders from the towns and the county who joined together to oppose the transit tax referendum said the tax increase would […]

Absentee voting

Viewers of American Idol know to call one number if they want to vote for one performer and another number to vote for another performer. Maybe Town Council has adopted a similar practice. Laurin Easthom left during a discussion of the Triangle Regional Transit Local Preferred Alternative issue. During a spate of late-night council meetings […]