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Who’s the boss?

A while back, someone I know made a disparaging comment to a Town Council member about town manager Roger Stancil. The council member responded sharply, “Don’t talk about my boss that way.” Pause while you think about what’s wrong with that statement. Not long ago, I gossiped to another council member about the other council […]

Random consequences

More than a thousand students waited outside the Dean Dome in a cold, steady rain for hours Saturday afternoon for a chance to watch the UNC-Kentucky men’s basketball game. But their sacrifice was for naught due to a new practice called “randomization” that the Dean Dome ticket office put into play recently. The intent is […]

Obey Creek: From Outreach to Inclusion

Southern Area resident Jeanne Brown has this to say about the evolving community engagement process for Obey Creek: Three years after Town Council members asked to know what a Development Agreement for Obey Creek would look like, a long-awaited public engagement process is beginning to take shape – thanks to council suggestion that staff, East […]

Banking on buffers

Call me a cynic – as if that never occurred to you before – but I can’t help wondering whether there is a connection between Roger Perry telling Town Council last week that he might spread his buildings in Obey Creek over all of the buildable acres (even though the land is laced with a […]

What’s the rush?

Southern Area resident and CH2020 participant Jeanne Brown has this to say about the proposed Obey Creek development near Southern Village: As has become a common theme in the two-and-a-half-year-old Obey Creek discussion, area residents found that Monday night’s Town Council agenda included another Obey Creek twist: The resolution before Town Council combined discussion and […]


Lifelong Democrat Garrison Keillor announced he was going to switch parties to become a Republican because he didn’t want to have to care anymore. Taxpayers who participated in the grueling CH2020 process and small area plan meetings know the feeling. After eight months of public participation in CH2020 – more than a year for the […]

Gloves off

It didn’t take long for the magic to wear off. Last week, Town Council clicked through its agenda effortlessly, ending the meeting a minute shy of 8:30 p.m. Last night, council began at a similarly brisk pace. No one from the public signed up to speak at the first four public hearings on the agenda […]

Storm of public comment

If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought town planners had arranged the past couple of days of torrential downpours just to set the stage for Town Council’s discussion of stormwater management rules tonight. Last fall the town had new wording ready to go in the Land Use Management Ordinance that would comply with new […]