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Missed the podium

We can’t blame town attorney Ralph Karpinos’ go-for-the-gold spirit on the Olympics. The issues he pressed forward on that landed the town on the wrong side of lawsuits began long before the qualifying rounds began. And as gymnast and Olympic silver medalist McKayla Maroney found out yesterday, sometimes despite all your preparations and efforts, you […]


For now, at least, beleaguered Chapel Hill taxpayers have one less expense to fund. The state General Assembly adjourned in July without enacting House Bill 1132 that would extend statutory authority for the town to continue its taxpayer-financed political campaigns, also known as the Voter Owned Election Program. The lack of action will have little […]

Elections bought and paid for

Tonight’s Town Council meeting includes several interesting nuggets, not the least of which is a proposal to extend the taxpayer-financed elections program, known as Voter Owned Elections, set to expire on July 1, 2012. VOE, which the General Assembly signed into law in 2007, authorizes the town to give taxpayer-generated revenue to candidates running for […]