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Chapel Hill’s Central Park?

Dream first; set your sights; then figure out what you have to do to get there. That philosophy has worked for me over the years, and town staff used it, too, last Saturday by hosting a charrette to find out what value taxpayers believe the 36-acre parcel we bought from the American Legion could add […]

Council rejuvenated

Council members showed their better selves at last Monday’s meeting. They asked questions that indicated they had read and understood the reams of material in their binders. They stood firm on what they thought was best for the town. They called out 123 West developer Cousins Properties about discrepancies in the number of parking spaces […]

4 cups

Immediately following the disappointing vote against Charterwood last week, Town Council voted to allow food trucks in Chapel Hill. Council had to strike a balance between local restaurant owners who were unhappy with the prospect of additional competition in a tight economy, and local foodies who wanted an inexpensive meal out, and local kitchen entrepreneurs […]

Food trucks eat at business?

Terri Buckner reports on the food truck debate: If there was any greasing of palms at the food truck hearing last night, it was goose fat. The many references to goose fat fries had everyone drooling and wishing the trucks in the parking lot could open up for just a little while. Unlike many public […]

Food for thought

Tonight might be a good night to go to the Town Council meeting in person. Lex Alexander has petitioned the town to allow food trucks, specifically in the dead zone between where Alexander’s 3 Cups now sits and Whole Foods, the chain that bought Wellspring from him. Ginn & Co. bought the vacant property a […]

Moveable feast

Lex Alexander, current owner of 3Cups in Village Plaza and former owner of Wellspring, before he sold that small grocery chain to Whole Foods, petitioned Town Council last Monday to dispel the notion that Chapel Hill is “too prissy” for food trucks. Alexander asked that “mobile food units,” known to the rest of us as […]