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Hauser’s plan for schools

Bonnie Hauser, my choice for county commissioner-at-large, brings a fresh perspective to many important issues we face. In her words and from her experience working on numerous issues in Orange County for more than a decade, here’s her proposal for the county to reprioritize spending to address school funding needs: In my “previous life,” I […]

Brass tacks, not bronze plaques

Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed by deadlines, I’ll make a list of all I have to do, then slip in something that’s so easy to do it’s almost a given. “Wash hair,” I might write, or “check email.” I do that first, then I can feel like I’ve accomplished something, and I’ve managed to procrastinate […]

Penny-wise or Penny foolish?

I had mentally packed Penny Rich away in mothballs after she took the county commissioner job, figuring I’d have to find new material for drama. But she hasn’t been gone even a month when here she is turning up like a bad – No, she’s heard all those jokes since grade school. Let me take […]

Friday the 13th, county style

You know that point in a horror flick when the heroine lets down her guard just a little bit, and you know something bad is going to happen, you just don’t know what? You find yourself mumbling, “Stay out of the boat, Alice, it’s not what it seems,” or “Don’t pick up the phone, Drew […]