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Hit the gas

It’s not that no news happens while Chapel Hill public information officer Catherine Lazorko is away, it’s just that no one finds out about it until she returns. In the wee hours of Friday morning, gasoline spilled from a tank at the BP Family Fare in the 1200 block of MLK Jr. Boulevard that had […]

Feature presentation

We’ve gotten spoiled. With Town Council’s newfound determination to end council meetings before midnight, and breaking out council discussions in midweek work sessions at the library (which are not on TV nor videoed and accessible by computer), the regular Monday night meetings end two to three hours after they begin. Tonight may be an exception. […]

Banking on buffers

Call me a cynic – as if that never occurred to you before – but I can’t help wondering whether there is a connection between Roger Perry telling Town Council last week that he might spread his buildings in Obey Creek over all of the buildable acres (even though the land is laced with a […]

Thank you, Gene Pease

Last night’s Town Council meeting ended at 12:25 this morning. And that was after Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt pushed a couple of items and appointments over to another meeting. Ed Harrison was right that, although only one agenda item invited public comment, people signed up to speak on several issues. Only one item – the transportation […]