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Burned by Burns?

Such generosity we Orange County taxpayers show. Why, just look at the salary and benefits package we are paying County School Superintendent Del Burns — an annual rate of nearly $300,000. Add up his base pay, health coverage, a monthly car allowance of $250 and another $50 a month toward his cell phone, and we […]

See schools run

Recently, I listened to a couple of longtime friends reminisce about their early days as first-graders at Glenwood Elementary School. Both of them entered first grade already knowing how to read. They were put into the Dick and Jane reading group. Average readers were sent to the Spot and Puff group. Those not yet able […]

Senior special

A concept plan for a dense subdivision on the agenda at last week’s council meeting drew not a single resident to protest. Maybe this developer knew to schedule his presentation at the exact same time as a UNC men’s basketball game, or maybe this developer offered something that many of us have been waiting years […]

A roster with ballast

“Fling … ends” read the headline in a local newspaper over a story about candidates running for office. And as I read through the profiles of the final candidates to file for Town Council – Loren Hintz, Jonathan Riehl, Amy Ryan and D.C. Swinton – and the school board – Andrew Davidson and Ignacio Tzoumas […]

Price vs. value

When I heard about the 120 or so taxpayers who showed up at the County Commissioners meeting on May 23 pleading to pay more in taxes to fully fund the schools budget, I recalled a scene from Crocodile Dundee wherein New York City street thugs brandish a switchblade in an attempt to rob the protagonist […]

New year resolutions?

Council meetings resume one week from tonight. Here’s a glimpse of what may grace the agenda in 2012: Homeless shelter’s Good Neighbor Plan: A Better Site representatives are participating in the meetings, but IFC won’t allow the proceedings to be recorded. A Better Site wants teeth to the plan, consequences if the tenets are violated; […]

Children left behind

Why set kids up to fail? For that matter, why load up their parents and teachers with guilt? Not everyone is capable of shining academically. On a bell curve of IQ, there are just as many people to the left of the apex as to the right. Extraordinary nurture can elicit amazing results with unremarkable […]

Seeing economic sense

The Wake County school board may be on the wrong track with its neighborhood schools decision , but at least some of the board members can tell when is not a good time to ask taxpayers to allow them to borrow more money. On Wednesday, the board’s chairman, Ron Margiotta, told The News & Observer […]

Lesson for learning

A participant at the downtown talk last week noted the irony of his neighbor who worked for an environmental concern commuting to Raleigh every day. The man wondered why his neighbor didn’t just move to Raleigh. From my viewpoint as a parent, the answer is simple: the schools. Wake County’s are in turmoil; Chapel Hill-Carrboro’s […]