Council leads whole community

Usually it’s the victors who write the histories, but in Chapel Hill politics lately the losers are busy scribbling and publishing and mischaracterizing the outcome of the most recent election, as does a column in The Chapel Hill News Nov. 29, “New council must lead divided community.” Molly De Marco and Travis Crayton wrote that […]


Folks who attended the Town Council meeting Monday night in the Southern Human Services building off Homestead Road were treated to new definitions of recreation space. The meeting included a continuation of a hearing on the proposal by Blue Heron to expand the Timber Hollow apartments by adding 109 housing units. Fancy units would be […]

Phone tree of health

Nancy and I have decided to implement a new phone system, inspired by the Town of Chapel Hill phone system. I’ll set it up so that my phone automatically directs a caller to my message center, which will inform the caller that if I can’t answer, the caller should contact Nancy. At the same time, […]

Roger’s job gets tougher

At Monday night’s Town Council meeting, Town Manager Roger Stancil gave his periodic update on the state of the town budget. His PowerPoint presentation showed that the town is way behind in development fees this year from what it expects – some $200,000-plus. So what did the council do? Kill the Charterwood mixed-use project off […]

Silencing Sam

The headline on the front page of the Monday edition of The News & Observer was “New perspectives mark Civil War anniversary.” The story described how North Carolina wants to tell us about the war by including everyone and every issue that was involved during the 150th anniversary events planned for the next several years. […]

Anarchy in the USA

You never hear of anarchists issuing toxic mortgage loans. Anarchists don’t seem prone to raiding investors’ funds and ruining a business while taking multimillion dollar bonuses. And you won’t find too many anarchists refusing health care to sick people as some insurance companies sure do. And yet that word “anarchist” seems like the worst name […]

Shame of the NCAA

I agree with Tom Sorensen’s piece in the Oct. 27 News & Observer that college athletes should be paid. Paying student-athletes seems like the right thing to do. After all, how is a student-athlete’s work at his or her sport any different from that of a work-study student, except the work-study student gets paid? But […]

Political signs: Refresher course

Nancy and I went out Wednesday to put up political signs for our preferred candidates. We also righted signs for other candidates we would not vote for that had fallen over. Putting up signs is always hard work, a lot of walking, dodging cars when crossing streets and making sure the signs we put up […]


The hypocrisy can pile up only so far before it starts impeding progress. Take this In-the-Pockets-of-Developers misdirection on Tuesday at the election forum co-sponsored by Neighbors for Responsible Growth: The moderator ominously asked Matt Czajkowski, Jon DeHart and Laney Dale whether they had taken campaign contributions from developers. As if this were the McCarthy hearings […]

Hate crimes

Is there any reason the U.S. House and Senate Republican leadership’s treatment of President Obama should not be considered a hate crime? The good ol’ white boys who control the GOP in Washington have done their best to thwart Obama at every turn during the president’s term. And they have declared their primary focus to […]