All posts for the month May, 2010

All quiet on the western front

Here’s some news: Parking lot #5 is full of cars. Not cranes or backhoes or bulldozers. No orange netting or even any signs heralding the day the lot will close forever. And we’re fast approaching June, the month construction was to begin on the 140 West Franklin condo high-rise. The lawyers among you will point […]

Counting together

For the last two weeks, my life has been all about the census. Every day, seven days a week, I have been planning driving routes, knocking on doors and filling out the forms that are used to document the count. Today the crew of enumerators with which I have been working will shift its focus […]

Learning the ropes

Council member Gene Pease said he wanted a better understanding of the Northern Area Task Force’s reasoning on why it deemed certain areas appropriate for higher density. So after the public hearing on the Bridgepoint development last month, he asked town attorney Ralph “Don’t ask me, I only work here” Karpinos for more information. Karpinos […]

Point, Bridgepoint

Lucky would be the restaurant that was so popular its customers would cause traffic congestion severe enough to persuade the council not to approve it being built. Rezoning the land at the corner of Weaver Dairy Road Extension and Homestead Road to make way for the mixed-use development of Bridgepoint came up for vote at […]

Traffic safety for everyone

What’s more dangerous than riding a bicycle in Chapel Hill? Riding a bicycle in Chapel Hill at the Estes Drive-Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard intersection. That’s why some residents plan to petition the Town Council at the business meeting tonight at 7 in Town Hall to end right-on-red turns at the intersection and paint wide […]

What sells?

If it were up to me, the only 8-story structure I’d build in Obey Creek would be a water slide. I’d accessorize it with a batting cage and a miniature golf course. I’d put a grocery store nearby, but a Walmart would be a tough sell, if we’ve learned anything from the Chatham County residents’ […]

Who you gonna call?

What was the difference between The Cottages and Obey Creek? Both projects went before the Town Council Monday night. The Cottages would build 330 dwellings on 33 acres off Homestead Road. Obey Creek would put 1,200 dwellings and 570,000 square feet of retail/office space on 120 acres across the road from Southern Village. Council members […]

What would you buy?

The Town Council’s leanings at Monday night’s meeting took us by surprise, giving a thumbs down on The Cottages student apartments along Homestead Road and insisting on commercial space in Obey Creek across from Southern Village. It prompted a discussion between Don and me about what sort of business would draw us to shop in […]

Ticket to ride less

Riders who board Chapel Hill Transit buses this week and are offered passenger surveys should think long and hard about filling out those forms – they may be a ticket to ride less. CHT is conducting an on-board passenger survey designed to cover such topics as convenience of routes, service levels and availability of information. […]

Our little town grows up

As UNC alumni from 40 or 50 years ago can and will tell you, much has changed on campus and in town over the decades. Chapel Hill is no longer the quaint little village whose merchants accepted IOU’s for tickets to the picture show when the banks closed in the 1930s; or where students wore […]