Real estate sales 8/11/14-8/15/14

Sean Michael and Heather Dawn Delaney bought 100 Brighton Court from Joseph Rickard and Gloria Beissinger for $490,000.
Mao Mao bought 111 Vintage Drive from Robert L. and Virginia W. Gilliam for $296,500.
Zili Zhang and Yong Peng bought 103 Dairy Court from Guy and Rhonda Dear for $400,000.
Taylor T. Ra and Yu Yu Maw bought 101 Friar Lane, Carrboro, from Kimberly Petermann Monahan and Thomas William Monahan IV for $109,000.
Kimberly Herold bought 411 Waterside Drive, Carrboro, from James S. Mette and Barbara Brister for $349,000.
Daniel Matute and Kacy Gordon bought 102 Downing Court from Jane Ann Hoppin for $262,000.
Rukmini and Suresh Balu bought 1028 Pinehurst Drive from David W. and Aimee K. Zaas for $770,000.
Katherine Cord and William Hunter Walton and Virginia Pereria Dirschl bought 704 Sprunt St. from Laurie P. and Mark Oakley for $537,000.
Bryan C. and Elizabeth C. Kempter bought 2700 Winningham Road from Lawrence A. Petersen for $160,000.
Jasper and Patricia Seres bought 109 Turtleback Crossing Drive from Cheng-Chun and Chun-Pi Chang for $580,000.
John and Randi Klein bought 205 Stoneybrook Road from Christopher and Melissa Teuton for $465,000.
Ken Gorfkle bought 1436 Poinsett Drive from Thomas F. Roberts Jr., Angela Clemmons-Roberts and Dayna Jo Kelly and Ronald Martin Webster for $172,500.
Chay Tanna and Scott Immel bought 1023 Northridge Lane from Bruce L. and Cynthia C. Runberg for $1.23 million.
Yingzi Li bought 123 Johnson St., units A&B, from Todd R. and Meredith M. Bolon for $394,000.
William Rathbun bought 103-A Sue Ann Court, Carrboro, from Andrea Shaw for $149,000.
Joshua Scott Craig and Abigail Williams Lehman bought 409 Legends Way from Kristen E. Hensley for $150,000.
Larry Dean Farrell and Carmen Cuthbertson bought 504 Copperline Drive from Susan A. Lombardo for $324,000.
Carl R. Fox bought 207 Chateau Place from James T. and Laurel B. Brooks for $327,500.
David S. and Courtney G. Naismith bought 902 Bayberry Drive from Richard and Lyda Mihalyi for $850,000.
Susan K. and Werner Martin bought 642 W. Barbee Chapel Road from Frederic H. and Diana M. Chaffee for $515,000.
John and Ericka Lewis Gualtieri bought 308 Laurel Ave., Carrboro, from Suzanne K. Lewis for $265,000.
Joseph Michael and Angela Denise Marques bought 104 Portsmith Place from June E. Weatherley for $299,000.
Jonathan B. and Valerie P. Womer bought 112 Village Lane from David A. and Karen S. Kolenberg for $365,000.
Karen Sapp bought 217-A Hillsborough Road, Carrboro, from Joseph R. and Rebekah S. Thompson and Billie Thompson and L. Warren Ray for $275,000.
Thomas A. and Tracy B. Rexrode bought 105 Mel Oaks Drive from Steven J. and Rose G. Krasnow for $307,500.
Peter Sylvester bought 436 Cedar Club Circle from Marjorie T. Coxe for $216,000.
Anthony J. and Kristen B. Parker bought 102 Grainger Lane from David T. and Lizanne M. Connelley for $510,000.

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  1. Bruce Springsteen

     /  August 22, 2014

    It’s interesting to read those but it would be a lot easier to read if it were in justified columns like in a table, as in, buyer…address…seller…price. Or something like that. As it is now, instead of scanning a table with 50 home transactions we have to read 50 sentences.

  2. many

     /  August 22, 2014

    If it were comma (or semicolon) separated it could be exported into excel.

  3. Terri

     /  August 22, 2014

    It’s very simple to put Nancy’s document into Excel and make it a table.

    1. Copy and paste into Excel
    2. Do a search/replace on “bought” changing it to “*bought”
    3. Under the Data menu, go to Convert Text to Tables and use the delimited option with * as the delimiter.
    4. On the newly created column, do the same thing only use $ as the delimiter.

  4. Bruce Springsteen

     /  August 24, 2014

    I think there’s a typo in #2 there, Terri, where you say to change bought to bought. But that aside, I assume this is all public record and I assume when the sale is first recorded it’s not true that somebody in Hillsborough types in “John Smith bought 306 Wilson St from Jane McGill for $500,000” and instead someone is entering data in fields of some database. And then later some code somewhere converts that database fields into a sentence that gets copied places like this website. I think it’d just be a matter of keeping it in fields rather than converting fields into sentences and then later sentences back into fields.

  5. Nancy

     /  August 24, 2014

    As far as I know, no one converts it to database fields. I go online and look at the pdf of the general warranty deed and pull the information off and type it into a sentence. Next week I’ll try putting it into a Word table and see how that works. Terri did an Excel spreadsheet for me, but it didn’t translate well when I pasted it into the WordPress field.