Real estate sales, 7/14/14-7/25/14

Elke Bachmann bought 106 Baywood Place from Jennifer Elizabeth Spratt for $210,000.
Kevin and Jennifer Krueger bought 18 Balsam Court from Thomas H. and Carol H. Kawula for $400,000.
Susan A. McGovern bought 112 Wolf’s Trail from Bertram Joseph and Melina M. Furey for $520,000.
William Gustavo and Natalie Gott Vizuete bought 202 Oak Glen Place from Mary M. Crowson and Eric W. Pommerer for $392,000.
John Terry Clapacs III and Ayesha Kahtoon Chaudhary bought 2005 N. Lakeshore Drive from Eleanor M. Tucker for $432,000.
Faith Brianne Buchanan and Michael C. Kalavsky bought 238 Stable Road in Carrboro from Erin G. Carlston for $407,000.
James Edward and Kari Elizabeth Castleberry bought 201 Huntington Drive from Barry M. Popkin for $535,000.
Carla Valetich and Andrew Leeb bought 1503 Arboretum Drive from David W. and Deborah S. Threadgill for $460,000.
John H. and Angela S. Ireland bought 2106 Markham Drive from Xin Wung and Bo Hong for $360,000.
Kerri L. Petrin and Aaron E. Klemm bought 8116 N. Hound Court from Lynda G. Johnson for $265,000.
Kerry and Ruth Hubbard and Devin Hubbard bought 2815 Gait Way from Earl W. McCollum Jr. and Ruby J. McCollum for $338,000.
Alexander Rubin and Julia Kuznetsova bought 512 Red Bud Road from Reid Michael and Catherine Luden Benton Lerner for $565,000.
Robert Thur bought 116 Braswell Road from Alok and Karuna Uppal and Abhineet Uppal and Jennie Jie Bao for $288,500.
Tao Bian and Hongxia Yan bought 1002 Willow Drive, Unit 93, from Adam Martin for $88,500.
Yuming Hu bought 250 Estes Drive, Unit 82, from Louis E. and Nancy Albaladejo for $106,000.
James and Rebecca Ortega bought 510 Red Bud Road from Robert S. Headon for $533,000.
Mahsa Parvisi bought 212 Standish Drive from Helene and Reynold Mangones for $158,000.
Tyler and Heather Nagle bought 103 Oak Tree Drive from Virginia Bell Vanstory for $140,000.
Thai T. and Lo T. Thon and Thomas J. and Yenha Sidor bought 2425 Rosewood Court from Marilyn B. Vance for $260,000.
Huali Wu and Xin Ming bought 321 Sylvan Way from Ebi G. and Vincetha Joelin for $365,000.
Jennifer and Daniel Costello bought 917 Edgewater Circle from Robert E. and Natalie B. Peterson for $435,000.
David Laskey bought 103 Presque Isle Lane from Lawrence E. and Mary H. Sidwell for $250,000.
Elizabeth P. Hahn and Robert E. Daniels bought 1515 E. Franklin St., #1B, from Jose J. and Rosa T. Terz and Roxanna Terz for $175,000.
Joseph C. and Lynda S. Zengerle bought 801 W. Rosemary St., Unit 703, from Greenbridge Condos for $400,000.
John M. Reardon and Robin A. Smith bought 29 Rogerson Drive from Mary L. Dexter for $175,000.
Thomas D. Blue Jr. and Teresa R. Blue bought 1540 Fountain Ridge Road from Charles C. Antle Jr. and Margaret M. Antle for $315,000.
John C. Opfer III and Linda Bates Opfer bought 619 Greenwood Drive from John Ben and Karen Wren Devette for $595,000.
Jesus O. and Rosa I. Bravo bought 512 Birnamwood Drive from Patricia Sexton Stockton and Winfred B. Bierley Jr. for $150,000.
Takahiro Soda and Paola Giuati bought 501 Sharon Road from David G. and Susan O. Klapper for $296,000.
Wynne and Mark Miller bought 911 N. Columbia Place from Michael W. Henson for $290,000.
Robert Earl and Natalie Bowen Peterson bought 302 Rossburn Way from Craig and Amy Samuels for $569,000.
Keith H. and Kristen E. Parietti bought 2212 Winterberry Drive from Stephanie R. Bohling and Brian Allen for $235,000.
Matthew P. Walker and Elizabeth L. Pultorak bought 717 Tinkerbell Road from Francis S. and Sarah H. Binkowski for $281,000.
Sean and Kathryn O’Mara bought 303 Granville Road from John A. and Carol Kline for $314,000.
Pamela Stephens and Victor Matsuo bought 407 Rockgarden Road from Simon Anthony James and Eleanor Jane Warner for $447,500.
James Arthur and Donna Mary Raleigh bought 9406 Coach Way from Nancy Jean Kennedy for $138,500.
Lewis W. Krehnbrink Jr. and Pamela P. Krehnbrink and Matthew J. and Kari L. Marvin bought 642 Cedar Brook Way from John P. and Glynda D. Allen for $532,500.
Joseph A. Stiff III and Nia N. Williams bought 109 Greenmeadow Lane from Matthew J. and Kari L. Marvin for $164,000.
Michele S. Hansen bought 220 Elizabeth St., Unit E1, from Mary J. Donnally for $109,000.
Stephen R. and Patty R. Dischinger bought 117 Creel Street from Jeffrey M. Cohen and Jill Abelson for $170,000.
David R. Gadea and Giovanna L. Mollinedo bought 8903 Laurel Springs Drive from Martin L. and Teresa M. Etscovitz for $380,000.
Wilma Rivera bought 317 St. Thomas Drive from Tsun Yan Lee and Si Yan Lee for $185,000.
Larry Stephen Forrest and Valerie Elizabeth Ebert bought 322 Circle Park Place from Suzanne Lagina for $950,000.

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