Wanted: Guest bloggers

Got something to say? We need to hear from you. We’d like to open Chapel Hill Watch up to guest bloggers. Between Chaucer and Uncle Sam, Don’s time is spoken for for the rest of the summer. Although Nancy is always ready to spout off about something, she would like to lace her posts with more facts than is her wont, and that would be a daunting task for her to accomplish five times a week.

We’d still like to have a fresh post every weekday, and until the Town Council meetings resume in September, we’ll need additional brains opening up topics, explaining old ones and offering up inside information.

If you’ve got a blog post in you, please e-mail it to us at neoates@earthlink.net. We’ll post it and attribute it to you as you’d like to be known. And if you have a headshot of yourself, we’ll post that, too.

In the interim, we’ll at least pose questions and rely on the collective knowledge of the Chapel Hill Watch community to posit some answers.
– Don Evans and Nancy Oates

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