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We ask your forbearance. Don is immersed in a course on Chaucer, and he communicates only in Middle English these days. I’m refurbishing a house by day and shifting my full-time work to hours I would normally sleep. We will try to delve into all that happened at Monday’s Town Council meeting by early next week.

Don’t let the town e-mail, “Council Meeting Summary” fool you. The e-mail made it seem a festive occasion of honorifics and semantics. Not so. Much was said and done that did not make the “highlights” e-mail.

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  1. Steve

     /  June 30, 2010

    I am assuming you guys got too close to some facts that somebody didn’t want aired, and they told you to shut down. Or at least lay low for a while.

    Maybe was about the ongoing crime scene, er, public-private partnership at Lot 5.

    Maybe you decided to try to report about the illegal mine operating next to the University Lake reservoir, perhaps about how they avoided paying property taxes for 20 years, while they ‘service’ the University’s need to dump who-knows-what ‘fill’ from their many construction projects.

    Or maybe it was something more recent, like the Town Council thinking it’s Congress and spending money it doesn’t have on something that’s questionable in long-term value.

    I’m curious. It’s been a week-plus. Newspaper people don’t shut down like that.