Feel-good decisions

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  1. Deborah Fulghieri

     /  September 16, 2019

    With the UNC campus preparing to phase out dormitories to redevelop campus, Council needs to think of what kind of double whammy is in store for renters: rentals taken off market in favor of short-term app-driven rentals, and more renters altogether looking for housing. It looks like rents are set to rise.

    At the same time, real estate taxes are rising to pay for the additional services needed on a per-capita basis, like police, ambulance, fire, waste removal, school construction, school staffing; and services related to the growth itself, like inspectors, road maintenance, waste removal; and costs borne by everyone, like flooding, waste water treatment and raises for all the aforementioned service providers.

  2. Plurimus

     /  September 16, 2019

    I think the critic was not only annoyed by decisions that do not consider the people affected by them (both the benefits and consequences) but also by proclamations, self congratulatory declarations and support for causes and initiatives that are so clearly beyond your scope of influence. The term “virtue signaling” applies.

  3. Bonnie Hauser

     /  September 17, 2019

    Plurimus – agree fully. An outrageous amount of time is spent on virtue signaling, The county commissioners spend the first hour of every meeting on it. There’s no time left to conduct important business. Imagine the amount of staff time that’s wasted on it.

    The town of Cary, by policy, doesn’t discuss items that are out of their control. How refreshing.